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Container Shipping Fees

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Ocean Freight Fees

Understanding the total cost of ocean freight is crucial for accurate budgeting and effective shipping management. Our Ocean Freight Calculator provides a detailed breakdown, not limited to the sea transport fees. The shipping quote includes several critical components that contribute to the overall cost: the Bill of Lading, which serves as the official contract between the shipper and the carrier; the Shipper's Export Declaration, necessary documentation for customs; and drayage costs for moving the container to and from the loading address. Additionally, fuel charges apply to both ocean vessels and drayage transport. Optional insurance premiums ensure your cargo is covered against potential risks during transit. Other fees might include surcharges for Personal Effects and various miscellaneous costs depending on the shipment's specifics. Our calculator meticulously aggregates these fees and specifics to comprehensively view the total shipping costs, ensuring no hidden fees surprise you.

Our intermodal rail services are expertly designed to connect inland-origin rail ramps with export ports across the USA, as detailed in our freight calculator. This extensive network allows for efficient and reliable transportation of containerized cargo, providing a seamless link between domestic production sites and global markets. By integrating rail transport into our logistic solutions, we ensure a streamlined, cost-effective approach and reduce shipping fees.


BL Bill-of-Lading

The Bill of Lading (BL) is not just a standard shipping document; it is the backbone of international trade, acting as a receipt, a contract, and a title document. Its accuracy is paramount to avoiding costly delays, penalties, and additional port fees. A perfectly drafted BL ensures that all details about the cargo, such as quantity, destination, and specifics of the goods, are recorded correctly, which is crucial for smooth customs clearance and cargo release at the destination without the headaches of potential unwarranted fees.


Our process includes a thorough auditing of the BL. We produce a draft copy of the Bill of Lading for shipper review to confirm that all information is accurate and complete before the final document is issued. This step is vital in preventing discrepancies which could lead to holds on the cargo, demurrage, and other unnecessary fees.


Furthermore, we facilitate an express-release-BL at the destination, ensuring no lien on the cargo. This means the consignee can claim the goods without presenting the original BL, speeding up the release process and reducing waiting times. Our experienced team's efficient documentation handling guarantees that your shipments move swiftly and cost-effectively, underscoring our commitment to excellence and your success in global trading.

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drayage calculator for container shipping rates

Drayage Fees

Our calculator factors in the drayage fees and other associated fees, such as fuel charges, ensuring you receive a transparent and comprehensive quote. We manage all aspects of drayage, including scheduling with trucking services, overseeing container pick-up and drop-off, and ensuring compliance with all local regulations. This meticulous attention to detail in the planning and execution phases helps avoid unexpected fees and delays, such as demurrage charges at the port.


Whether your cargo is being moved to a nearby facility or requires transport across the country from the port, our drayage services are tailored to meet your specific needs, enhancing the efficiency of your overall shipping strategy. Our expert handling lets your cargo transition smoothly from sea to land, keeping your operations on schedule and within budget.

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