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Shipping-Container Freight-Calculator

As a testament to longevity in the shipping business, we attest to the efficacy of our container shipping A.I. shipping platform, and we trust you will consider us as your ultimate container shipping rates platform for effortless and accurate shipping rates is just a click away. Scroll to see the list of shipping rates provided for free. Get container shipping rates worldwide in less than 30 seconds without registration or fees, and book the space online.


Whether shipping containers internationally or calculating rates for moving goods, Welcome to, where you can effortlessly and accurately obtain container shipping rates and book containers online or talk to one of our seasoned professionals and let our team generate a shipping quote for you. With our user-friendly Container Shipping Rates Calculator, you can get container rates worldwide in less than 30 seconds. Whether you are shipping containers internationally or calculating rates for moving goods across borders, our tools have covered you. Designed to handle cargo specifications to over 500 combinations of ports and rail ramps worldwide, we trust it will provide quick and accurate results.  

Container-Shipping Container Shipping Freight Calculator

Shipping of Container Fees

Our Cargo Freight Calculator offers a seamless and precise tool for estimating freight costs across multiple modes of transport. Ideal for businesses needing quick and reliable shipping cost calculations, it simplifies logistics planning and enhances budget accuracy, ensuring optimal freight management solutions for global shipping needs.

LCL Shipping Calculator

Less Than Container Load

Our Less-Than-Container Calculator utilizes intelligent algorithms to provide precise shipping cost estimations based on the volume of cargo. Ideal for smaller shipments that don't require a full container, it offers cost-effective and flexible solutions, simplifying logistics and enhancing decision-making for efficient global transport.

Moving Overseas Freight Calculator

Container And Shipping Cost

Our International Moving Calculator is designed to simplify the process of relocating abroad. This tool accurately estimates moving costs by analyzing a wide range of items and their specifications. Whether you input data in kilograms or pounds, centimeters or inches, it seamlessly converts and calculates the volume in Cubic Meters (CBM). This ensures that you can plan and budget your international move with precision and ease, making it an indispensable resource for global relocations.

Shipping Excavator RORO

RORO Shipping Heavy Machinery Not in a Container

Our RORO (Roll-On/Roll-Off) Heavy Machinery Shipping Calculator is an essential tool for anyone needing to transport large, heavy machinery overseas. It accurately estimates shipping costs by considering the size and weight of machinery, accepting input in kilograms or pounds and dimensions in centimeters or inches. The system efficiently converts and calculates everything into Cubic Meters (CBM), providing a precise cost assessment for RORO shipping. This calculator simplifies the logistics of heavy machinery transport, making international shipments more manageable and cost-effective.

International-shipping-cost freight calculator
International-shipping-cost calculator

Shipping a Container or Not Shipping A Container?

Test the best way to ship your goods  FCL or LCL container consolidations. Our comprehensive shipping calculator offers specialized tools for both Full Container Load (FCL) and Less-Than-Container-Load (LCL) shipments, making it an indispensable resource for businesses of all sizes. Whether you are filling an entire container or just part of one, our calculator provides precise cost estimations. It supports various measurements, accepting data in kilograms and centimeters, as well as inches and pounds, and accurately converts all values to Cubic Meters (CBM). This dual-functionality ensures you can effortlessly compare costs and choose the most efficient shipping option tailored to your needs, enhancing logistics planning and cost management.  The only tool in the world to be able to accept up to 90 different dimensions and weights on one single calculation and produce exact shipping charges

Airline Cargo Shipping Rates

Air-Forwarding or LCL?

Our Airline Shipping Rates Calculator offers a streamlined solution for estimating air freight costs. It is designed to handle a variety of cargo sizes and weights, providing fast and accurate cost calculations. Whether shipping small parcels or large consignments, our calculator simplifies your process by accepting input in metric and imperial units and converting these into the appropriate chargeable weights. This tool is ideal for businesses that manage air freight budgets effectively, ensuring transparency and predictability in international shipping rates. The Air-Forwarding Airline Exchange Freight-Calculator complies with all TSA regulations. It adheres to weight and measures verification, as inspected by the National Institute of Standards and Technology when published shortly after September 2001, as the most complete and comprehensive shipping platform for Air-Forwarding worldwide.

Conquer The Container Shipping World

We stand behind our services with a steadfast satisfaction guarantee. Our commitment to excellence ensures that your shipment is shipped by a team of professionals with over 35 years of experience on a global scale. Our team has done it numerous times, from disaster relief to oversized cargo, sometimes called Project Cargo.


One call to our logistics offices, and you will be attended to promptly and professionally. And that every calculation and recommendation meets the highest standards of accuracy and reliability.

With our slogan, "Conquer the World," we empower our clients to expand their reach globally confidently.


Our tools and services are designed to meet your logistical needs and surpass your expectations, enabling seamless and successful international ventures.


Trust us to help you conquer the challenges of global shipping and logistics.

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